Tolerance, Diversity, Experience, and Unity as a significant icing on this list, a very cool club.
@7 brings back all the extremes of balance and welcomes you in a unique free club with a clear message: The Beauty of Diversity.  A brand new concept of international character is taking over. Brace yourself for a dazzling and deafening spectacle by world renowned artists and DJ’s and get carried away by the magic show of light and sound.

Powered by Aruba Gay community and ready to conquer your world, @7 refers to our small but oh so beautiful Aruba. Like ying and yang, black and white, gay and straight men and women, @7 knows all the extremes together. @7 is therefore determined to remain etched in your memory and you will get all clear of the club by showing a diverse program.

@7 is best known for great music and an unique atmosphere, but it also embodies 5 different area’s to create a unforgettable night. Get lost in Le Club, with the main dance floor in the center, with our bar and VIP areas surrounding it. This main room hosts the best party’s with great music and unimaginable performances. Feeling a bit different tonight?! Step into the Gin & Olive garden where only the best of the best gins are being served. Let our staff surprise you with unique combinations, like you never tasted before. Straight from our herb garden we will combine unexpected flavors while serving you the best olives. Now and then take some fresh air in our La Terrasse: lounge music, cocktails, relaxation, the moon and the stars! Do you feel like going all out? We offer 2 VIP rooms: Les salles privées 1 and Les salles privees 2. Go VIP like you never did before, we stock your bar, and you make the party!

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